Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Shades Calvin Klein
Suspenders Burberry
Shirt F21
Pants & Shoes Vintage

Hello Folks!!! It's been busy for a while, haven't touch a laptop and my phone was drained for about 3 days. haha only now that I found time to have a post. So lately, I was so inspired watching old theme movies such as Casablanca, A Good Woman, Casino, The Untouchables and oh... My new favorite "THE HELP", hopefully it'll have an award in Oscars. You must watch it guys but if you doubt my taste since I really have a weird movie genre, Yes it is a tear-jerker type of movie which is actually the kind of movies that I often watch. If you feel to cry all night, just try that one ;)

Obviously my inspiration for this look is retro... I don't know why but these past few days, I have a feeling that I am living in an old city. I guess this is because I got used to the kind of living in Manila?.... I think you already got my point but for those who haven't, sorry but you have to figure it out yourself. LOL

Until next time guys!
Hopefully I din't fail of giving you 1920's look.
Love & Peace!