Monday, January 2, 2012


       This 2012, I am thinking of a retro look such as more pastel colors for men but more prints as well that makes it fun. My looks of 2011 are so safe and this year I will be very exposed to prints like florals and stripes and before I forget, I will also add some furry clothes. I guess this is so inn for this year. I will also be adding to my new wardrobe more bow-ties to make it more fun.

   Aside from the clothes that I will be wearing this year, I will also make changes from my physical looks. I will make my hair cleaner but still fashionable. I like to make it clean at the side and still long at the middle just like what you see on the last photo. I will do very similar to that, like flipping my hair to the back but at times, I will flip to the front to look different from time to time.

   Finally, I will be vulnerable this year, I like to bring cigarettes with me everyday and smoke at least a stick a day, I prefer to smoke Black Bat-no other brand please! And I guess I will be putting TATTOO on my arm this year.

   So for now that would be all and expect this to be the: