Sunday, January 15, 2012

Men Hairstyles 2012: The Return of the Toupees and Fringes by Blue01 Stylist

New Spring-Summer 2012 referred haircuts for men. Now comes the turn of the firm Blue01 that makes from the hand of a collection that has decided to baptize as Hair Factory, with a photo shoot, which was a former factory under the Barcelona neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, thereby acclimating new image of industrial air season with a very appropriate.

New Haircuts to inspire you and seek your personal style haircut of your choice.

Short hair this time is characterized by highly profiled pin and paraded, with a super short necks and upper and rounded whole. With that we get haircuts that are well suited to the area of the skull base unions parading with a razor.

Also opted to length hair with bangs asymmetrical layers and below the average front volume unloading on both sides and softening the face shape to give it a more oval.

Cuts that are rounded at the base and parade with razor in the shape of the face so that it suits the face shape and face as well as their features, maximizing the expression of it and enhancing the strengths of each one.

The toupees are some of the high stakes of the firm, although this time much prefer discrete and double volute. With this we obtain a greater volume in the front that slowly begins to degrade and soften as we get closer to the neck.

In this type of cut is preferred enhance full expressiveness of the toupee, cutting with scissors the side of the head and marching to unite with the upper razor-based to achieve an effect much more wild and rebellious to get cut with scissors.

I am so glad that my hairstyle is so in for the season. You have seen my previous two looks with toupee hairdo but next week or earlier, I will be posting looks with my fringe hairdo. I am so excited for that guys.
And HEY!!! Don't forget to convince your love ones to have this kind of haircut.

Have a busy weekdays everyone!
Love and Peace