Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cuz I'm cool like that **POLKA**

 Howdy Folks?
I'm just wondering if you guys are busy for I am very busy with my life plans. I'm currently back to school, yes you heard me right. I'm officially a working student! I'm taking my masters in psychology. Though I really want to take a fashion course, I have no choice for there isn't a course for fashion and arts in the city. But taking masters is a very good thing for me, I am able to challenge myself through balancing my time, being more responsible and most especially, be hard-working than I have ever been in my life. This serves as my practice in case my plan to join the fashion industry full-time in the future will be fulfilled.

Enough with my life-plans for now, moving on with my outfit. I have tried of many different outfits already but I never worn a polka yet. As you can see above, I have already and I never thought that I will like it. I have paired my polka top with a detachable collar from ROMWE because the neck cut of the top is  a bit wide, so to cover-up my chest and neck a little, I used it. I also made the look a bit preppy by using striped socks and tangerine oxfords from TOPMAN. Hope you like the whole look guys!

Love & Peace!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Walking Dead + Romwe

Cardigan | Forever21
Tank top | Topman
Shoes | Pierre Cardin
 Cap-Tights-Glasses-Collar-accessories | Romwe
Shorts-Bag | Vintage
Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post. Been a bit busy transferring my old site to this new one. if you haven't noticed, my domain name is already (WWW.JMARKCAMPOS.COM). And I am a bit upset for I can't recover my old blog comments or maybe I just don't know how to. But I have moved on, I accepted it already and  am just hoping that many will comment here and on my future blog posts for it means a lot to me and it really makes me happy reading 'em.
Anyway, my best friend and I went to a park a few days ago and took these shots while people there kept on staring at us. haha "who cares"! When the package from romwe arrived, I really can't help myself from being so excited wearing the items. I love that shopping site, they have really gorgeous and unique items. I have longed to have a skeleton tights and now, I just want to wear it again and again. haha... It makes my look really fashion forward and I love being like that, it's just who I am. hahaha...

Hope you like it folks as much as I did.
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Love & Peace!
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Thursday, June 13, 2013


I am a huge fan of boys who aren't afraid of wearing pink color schemes . People have the thought that pink are only for girls but hey, boys can rock 'em too.I myself love the color, though it isn't my most favorite color since I really don't care what schemes I'm wearing so long as it looks acceptable on me.

I've always wanted to have a look where I'm wearing pink hues but never got the perfect outfit and colour. Well my biggest inspiration for such is my one of my lookbook.nu favorites Vini Eehara, who never been afraid of wearing pink.

So what you think guys!


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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Silver Lining!

Hi Folks!
As you know, I choose outfits that are very attractive and eye-catching. When I was buying school shoes for my little brother days ago, I passed by this very gorgeous shoes and fell in love with it. The moment I saw it, I said to myself that it's meant for me. I didn't realized the price of it until I paid it to the counter and damn, it's 50% sale. WTF, you fucking kidding me? A very good-looking shoes is 50% sale? Really meant for me....

I have a love for silver since college. It's one of my favorite colours so I decided to pair my shoes with similar hues of clothes and adding a colored socks to make look more fashion forward.
So tell me your thoughts guys...

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Love & Peace
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dear Monday, F*ck You!

 Hey Guys! It's Monday again and take note, I like this day, at least for now. Why? well, only because it's my day-off from work. hahaha... Anyway, please enjoy my photos above wherein I am wearing a very simple outfit. A basic chino shirt and a denim pants with my vintage DIY stud shoes. Hope you like it folks.

Need to end this post!
I have to head at school to enrol my brothaaa and to accompany him in town to buy some important stuff.
'till next!
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