Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Shirt: ehkä söpö
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger (DIY)

While my friends are enjoying their night swimming last monday, April 23rd, I was just at home watching tv. I really wanted to join them but when they informed me, I already have plans for the day and I can't make any changes and I thought going there isn't the right thing to do since my x-friend or should I say enemy is also with them. Okay enough with the drama!

My little cousins and brother were my companion all day. We went to a kiddie party and I act as their stylist and babysitter. haha! I wore the outfit above and to be honest, I am proud of it since it is so hard to wear that kind of outfit, I mean just the pants. LOL! I tore my pants the night before the party which is really I never intended to. I just open my closet and realized that I never wore my Tommy pants ever since I bought it and I really hate it's style! wait!!!! On the first place, why did I buy it? hahahha never mind... I was out of my mind realizing that I just cut my pants bwahahaha evil laugh!

When I arrived at the party, as expected people are staring at me. Well I guess my pants are really making a statement. Good thing I was wearing underpants or else they'll be in heart attack. LOL! Honestly it is so difficult to pull this up especially that you will be anxious of what people are saying, so most probably your self-confidence will collapse. But hey! I chose to wear it and I should own it. I was just trying my best not to care 'bout them and I want to make a change baby. I want to make all the fashionistas come out and show what they've got!

Actually I got inspired by the very popular current trend which is the ripped pants. So what do you think guys, is it a POP or FLOP?


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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pastel + Denim + † † † † † †

Shoes, Denim Jacket, Shirt, Shorts: VINTAGE

Today, I just spent my entire day at home. It is summer here and as always it is hot in this country but it is hotter now than the usual. I am always on the go with this outfit but even though it is so warm outside, sometimes it also rains which is kinda weird that is why my denim jacket is also ready. I really love this jacket especially when I customized it a 'lil and oh, I am so surprised to know that denim jackets are so in for the Summer 2012 collection where in Paul Smith , Mugler ,  D&G, Calvin Klein ,  DSquare 2 , Jean Paul Gaultier and many more just introduced in the recent fashion shows. Well, I always thought that I am so fashion forward to the point that I don't need to research a lot to know the latest trends. hahaha... but I still have to ;)
I also love this summer get-up of mine where in I used pastel colors, spikes bracelet and safety pins which makes it extra-ordinary.  I am glad to say that most of my outfits here are vintage, well I have to use vintage stuffs whenever I'm home for practicality.

Thanks to my nine year-old brotha for taking my photos. You can be a professional photographer someday and I'm gonna support you all the way no matter what it takes <3

Please do HYPE my photo!
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friends Forever!

Sweater: AMBIG
Shirt: D&G

These are the photos from last Saturday night, only now I get the chance to share it with you guys. ;)
 We went to Lantaka Hotel to have dinner and chill. We really have to catch-up things since we haven't seen each other about 2months or more. We really had a great time talking senseless issues about our lives. My friends are probably one of the most special people in my life. I feel happy when I'm with them. The three gals namely Chelsea, Rawna & Ihra are my bestfriends and we call our group REFRESH (please don't ask why). I really love these people and I hope we will still be in touch until our hair turns gray.

Moving on, I chose to wear colors brown, gray and black to have the retro effect which I've been sporting for years. haha... I would really want to thank Adam Gallagher and AMBIG for the beautiful sweater which I won last time from A's blog. I really love it for it is so comfortable and appealing. I will surely purchase something in that store soon. I recommend you guys to buy something there and I'll guarantee you that every item is worth every penny you'll spend. Visit them here the items that you'll gonna purchase will be delivered in your house in just four days or less here in Philipppines since they are located in California. So what are you waiting for, buy now!!!!

Love & Peace!!!
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zoe Campos

Hello Folks!!!
It's been a while. I have promised for several times that I will make myself busy blogging but it seems that I can't keep that promise for long. Anyways, for now I have posted not related to Fashion, Art, Music & Entertainment (FAME). So sorry for that. I am just so happy to see in pictures our one and only Princess. Yes, you heard me right, I have three siblings and only now my mum gave birth to the third one and at last, it's already a girl. 

I haven't seen her yet in person but hopefully I will soon (fingers crossed). It seems that I am already a young dad to her since our age-gap is 21 years, (me=21yo, Z=1month) actually I'm old enough compare to my mum's early age of becoming a mother. She gave birth to me at the age of 19. LOL

It's so obvious that I am so excited to touch Zoe but my youngest brother Rencie seems to be more anxious. I don't know why he really loves babies unlike me. Honestly, I hate babies and toddlers except if it comes from my bloodline because I have no choice but to love 'em. haha... Anyways, I think both R & Z are lucky for they are already Greek Citizens. I just really hope that the economic problem of Greece will be resolved soon, well it is for the better future of my two siblings too.

So what do you think about Zoe? She and Rencie will be the future co-owner of this site but I still have about 8 years to go before R can use this blogggggggg....

Thanks for dropping by peeps!
I will post a look tomorrow, so stay updated.

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