Friday, January 24, 2014

The Paperboy

TANK TOP- local store
BAG- mom from Greece
PANTS- h&m
PLAID- f21
SHADES- firmoo

Hi Guys!
I just watched The Paperboy starred by Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. I thought the movie is pretty good. It was a bit boring, the usual Nicole Kidman's movie but I think the story is great especially at the end. It's just that I love tragic endings. There are some sexual explicit scenes which I warn you to never watch it with children around. Though there are interesting scenes, it doesn't still interest me most of the time. What I like about the film is maybe the retro effect it gives you which I mostly admire with movies. But still, it is a good watch if you really like Zac and Nicole.

I decided to wear this look to embody the movie because the movie setting and place is so warm and so classic retro. I think if I was living in the time and place, I would wear something like this.

That's all for now peeps!
Hope you like it.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Someday this pain will be useful to you

CAP- Penshoppe
CARDI & TOP- Regatta
PANTS- h&m

Hi Everyone! HOWDY?
I'm back and I will work my ass off for this blog.
While I'm working, I'll be getting inspiration from the movies that I love.
Today's movie is "Someday this pain will be useful to you"
This movie is my personal favorite because it really moved my in so many ways. The character is just so similar to the personality that I have. while watching it, I was blown away like it was a story of my life. It is truly a must see movie especially that I am a huge fan of Toby Regbo. I thought he is awesome and amazing.

About the style, I am so in love with my look here. It is feminine but seriously, I don't care as long as I am confident of myself. The character in the movie is also feminine but who gives a damn, my motto is; everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

Hope you like it guys and don't forget to HYPE!
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