Monday, July 23, 2012

Choosing Your Eyewear To Suit Your Style- Men’s Fashion

Individual fashion choices can be the best way to create a unique, personal image. But whether you choose to dress for functionality or flair, there is a glasses style to suit you. With these lifestyle scenarios paired with the perfect pair of frames, shopping has never been so easy.

The high-flyer  

Do you fly a helicopter to the office on a Monday morning? Do you own more than one sports car? Or perhaps you just want to look like you do... The High-Flyer is accomplished, powerful and wealthy with a classic, smart sense of style, often involving a tailored suit and shiny shoes- think Barack Obama/James Bond. For this look, the ideal pair of glasses have dark frames in a classic rectangular shape, ideal for glowering down at your employees. Designer brands are an ideal choice for projecting an image of a life of luxury and ease. Sunglasses for this kind of businessman should have dark tinted lenses; again, designer brands are preferable.



The laid-back guy

For the laid-back look, basically, anything goes. But if you’re not interested in power-dressing, you can afford to have more fun with your eyewear- think boy band members on a day off. Coloured frames are a good choice, though avoid anything too bright; dark blue or green are ideal. As for sunglasses, the same rule applies; more interesting shaped-frames and colours can be worn. Sunglasses can be worn tucked into the front of a shirt or pocket because the key is to look relaxed and comfortable.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The quirky geek
A regular at music festivals and shopping centres, quirky geeks should wear cool retro frames. Wayfarers and semi-rimless wayfarers are the ideal shape for retro style and with a tortoiseshell frame, geeky chic is an easy look to create. Ray Bans are the classic brand choice for retro frames but try looking further afield for a more unique look. However, for the full geeky image you should experiment with your wardrobe; skinny jeans and cardigans are a must.


 The sports fanatic

The sports fanatic is a common sight on the football field or local gym. For this look, a pair of bright frames is ideal, preferably with reflective coloured lenses. Sports brands such as Adidas and Oakley are reliable for delivering quality eyewear with an emphasis on performance. In terms of frame shape, wraparound visor is a popular look for both style and functionality. Try wearing with some sparkling white trainers for the whole look.


 The intellectual

  Head down to your local library and you’ll be sure to spot a few pairs of intellectual-style spectacles. For this look, they key is to appear serious, reliable and studious. Try a simple rectangular frame shape, preferably with narrow metal arms and nose bridge. Oval is lenses also make a good alternative, but avoid other more adventurous styles, as they can appear more frivolous and less serious. Rimless frames are also a great choice for this style because they are minimal, classic and sensible, delivering optimum functionality.
So whatever your lifestyle (or your lifestyle ambitions), choose your eyewear to suit your preferred image. Or alternatively, try thinking outside the box and be imaginative with your glasses; it’s all down to your individual choice. 

LoVe & PeaCe!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Other Side Of ME

Shades: DIY

Hello Folks!
If you haven't noticed, my outfit posts are mostly preppy and teeny which is why I've decided to have a look that represents the rebel side of myself. I can't say that I am the rebellious type of person but I'm not a saint neither. I am so glad to share this with you guys for this edgy look is one of the looks that makes me proud of. I have worked hard just to complete this look, I looked for studs and spikes to make the sunglasses and jacket more appropriate to what I want.

So what do you think guys? Is it a YAY or NAY?
If it's a YAY, please don't forget to HYPE. lol

'Till next time!
LoVe & PeaCe
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

"The 4th Floor - Chapter 2" by Boys by Girls

 Twin brothers Tom & Jack Dunbar star in the second installation of "The 4th Floor" series for Boys by Girls.  The guys are paired in looks from Zara, H&M, and Topman, with styling by Crista Repo.  
Cecilie Harris manages to capture the guys in a relaxed setting, which is perfect to showcase the youthfulness of the twins.  You can check out more of the spread below, or you can visit Boys by Girls here.

Publication: Boys by Girls
Models: Tom & Jack Dunbar (Oxygen Modeling Agency - London)
Designers/Brands Featured: H&M, Zara, Topman
Photography: Cecilie Harris
Styling: Crista Repo
Grooming: Violet Zeng

 Cool photos right?! Honestly I envy them and hey, who wouldn't? I love it a million times.
I guess these photos would be my inspiration for my future look/s. One thing that I like about the photographs is the innocence that the twin acted if not natural. It looks so indie and to be honest I am an indie person, I just don't know if it shows thru my appearance but I know from within that I am.

Enjoy your weekend guys and I hope you can go to church on Sunday.
'till next time.
LoVe & PeAcE!
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Soul of a Sailor

Hey Peeps! I'm back with this sailor look of mine. I am wearing my favorite sailor inspired shirt which I got online years ago. I wore this countless already but it is still one of my favorites for it is super unique which makes me look really different from others (I GUESS). I paired it with a striped trouser which I got from the package my mom sent me, my favorite boat shoes from topman , ring that I made and a cross ring, and of course the eyeglasses which I reinvent by putting anchor buttons and chain. The only wrong with this look is ME because I had a bad hair-day which is so obvious in the photos above.

What's new about me? Well, I am so in love with the ABC family's series which is Jane by design. It is so inspiring and will definitely make the youth of today fall in love with it. If you don't know about it yet, please find time to watch it, it will motivate you to pursue your dreams especially the one's who likes to be in a fashion industry. Just to inform you, as I see it, it is somehow a combination of the movies Mean Girls and The Devil Wears Prada. Of course you know those films guys.....
I thought the star of the show looks like Lauren Young, I didn't notice that until the middle episode of the season but FYI season 1 isn't over yet ;)

To be honest, I actually dreaming of them these past few days folks, for real.....LMAO!

'Till next time pretty readers!
Don't forget to hype the look.

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