Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photo Diary Part 1


Hello Friends!
Honestly I'm so stressed this week. My sched is so hectic. I am busy at work and during my rest day, I have to do my other job and guess what, I'm taking photos on birthday parties which is why I'm having many photos with balloons ;) and during my spare time, I'm doing editing to make the photo quality more pleasing to the eyes. Busy right? Actually I'm not having much time for myself and I rarely have the space for shopping. tsssk But I'm really working my ass off for this blog so please please please have a little patience for not updating often. One thing is for sure, I'll be sharing more fun photos soon with you guys so I hope you still follow this blog. Lastly, about the photos above, the photo of me with the balloons are from a kiddy party where I was the photographer while the karaoke photos are from my bestfriend's house Chelsea who I think really misses me because I don't visit her more often than before. hahaha... We had these mini party to make-up all the time we spent away. LOL

Hope you enjoyed it beautiful peeps!
'till next...
Love & Peace!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shine Bright Like a ♦♢♦


This could possibly my most number of photos in just a post. Well, I just want to share with you guys the little gathering we had during the special day of my little brother. Oh! I can't believe that my youngest favorite brother just turned 10 last April 11. He is such a blessing to us for he is an obedient adorable kid we could ever ask for. We really love him, especially me. Actually I'm like a father to him knowing our age gap is so huge.

Enough of the dramas, please do enjoy the photos peeps!

 Zalora: Shirt          Zara: Skinny J.          Romwe: Shoes & Glasses         Bestfriend's present: Sequins Cap

I so love my outfit here folks. I love how it's simplicity yet stylish effect. I felt so comfortable wearing 'em. Though I always feel comfortable wearing my clothes but this time the comfortability I felt was very different from my previous outfits but I still love wearing my other clothes still. Maybe I'm just used to be uncomfortable to the point it becomes comfortable to me (if you know what I mean)... Well my favorite fashion quote is: "Fashion knows not of comfort, all that matters is the face you show the world".

Hope you all like it if not loved...

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Gotta Love Street Punk Style


The moment spikes and studs became a fashion trend, I become so addicted to it. I collected tons of stuff with studs and spikes, from bracelets to rings to cap to sweats and now, I got a new spike shoes. I have to say that this probably now one of my favorite shoes. I  so love everything that had added with studs and spikes and what I like about 'em the most is that it makes the look so punk but at the same time, you can still look clean and chic.

Honestly, I believe that fashion people are quite histrionic in a very good way. I myself seeks for attention and wants to stand-out among the crowd but I never attempted yet of making scandalous acts to get it, all I wanted is to be recognized by my fashion sense and to know that I should be confident of myself. I thought that one of the best  accessories that will make us all stand-out are studs & spikes for these are eye-catcher items even in dark places.

Go for Street Style!
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'Till next time.

Love always,
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Versace inspired look

One of the top brands that we all adore is "VERSACE". 
As I was browsing the net, I saw this shirt and bought it right away for the idea of making a look similar to the versace colllections pop into my mind. I so love the colour combination of this look. I rarely use printed garments for it minimize the classiness of the look but this is an exception.
I really love the result of the outfit combination. It is so refreshing for me and it is so perfect for the weather of the country. It is summer here and to stay fashionable in the warm weather, you have to play with colours to add fun to the look with the very minimal garments.
Hope you like it Folks.
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Love & Peace!


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