Friday, December 16, 2011

Denim & Chocolate!


Bag: H&M
Shirt: Guess
Shades: F21
Pants: Levi
Espadrilles: Toms
Watch: Lacoste
Rosary Necklace: Greenhills

My cousin Duk invited me to go with him at Resorts World since it is near to our home. I have decided to wear something denim but I didn't like it to be entirely denim for it is not a denim party and so I gave it a touch of chocolate brown which is my cardigan and my bag. To make it more stylish I wore accessories and so my look is complete.
To be honest, this look is one of my favorites for it is so wearable and yet fashionable and it's so me. I often wear clothes like this whenever I get out of our house.
Hope you like it guys.
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Saturday Night!


I was bored last Saturday Dec. 3, 2011 and so I went out alone, while on the cab, I contacted Rawna Maitland. I was lucky to know that she's out with Shim and Paul. When I arrived at Central, Shim is already drunk and a few minutes after, he left us for he can't drink more and he also forgot the keys of their house, so he needed to be home early.
We still continued drinking until Paul also needs to go home. After a minute of walk with Rawna, we've decided to go to Republiq since it's Saturday.


We arrived at Resorts World around 12:30 a.m. It was a 'lil bit early to party at Repub and so we roam around the Mall and took some pictures. We got amazed by the Cars in the mall especially that they look vintage. I so love Retro stuffs ever since.


Finally! We entered Repub and we were so excited to dance as soon as we enter the door. The room is so crowded and it is not a bad thing for it makes more fun for that night. Unluckily, While dancing, a girl stepped on Rawna's foot and I can say that it is so painful especially that when I saw her foot, there is this dead blood thingy. oooohhhh. .Moving-on, we never got tired of dancing until we saw this two girlfriends kissing a boy. It's so gross, sorry I'm a Filipino and it's normal for me to be conservative at times.


After partying, Rawna and I aren't still tired and we don't want to go home yet that is why we entered in the Casino. We played the Horse Racing Contest, at first we were losing for 500php that is why at the photo above, I was holding my breath because I was so nervous but at the end, we won 1200php. hahaha. .It was a fun and lucky night for the both of us. I'm so glad that we did all of these stuffs in just a night. 

Hope to do this again and you can also join us guys, just contact me or Rawna!
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Friday, December 2, 2011



Nature is undoubtedly part of human life and so we should love them unconditionally. We should take care of them as how they take care of us. Without the nature, we are also not around.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River is now officially part of the new 7 wonders of nature. It is just a proof that our country is beautiful and we should take care of it. It is not enough that we have beautiful places to go but it is more important to improve and the care of the things that are forgotten and destroyed.

To the fashion industry, nature contributes big percentage on it. We may not be very conscious to it but most of the garments are from nature, not just from animals but also from plants. If you did see the episode of the latest season of America's Next Top Model, Wherein the models wore Oliver Tolentino's dresses, those dresses are made of pineapple and other plants. He is truly an inspiration to the young designers and Filipinos out there.
 see the dresses here: OLIVER TOLENTINO

As you can see my photos above, the colors are more of green with the touch-up of other colors like yellow and red. It is challenging for me to choose those outfits because nature is so broad and there are so many ways of interpreting it. Well, this is my interpretation of nature, I guess green is the color that always comes out of my mind when I hear the word nature, may be because I was raised in a place that is surrounded by trees and plants or should I say Forest. I really do hope that people will appreciate this.

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