Sunday, February 12, 2012

Plum & Fur

Polo Oxygen
Pants Acne
Jacket Zara
Shoes Vintage
Bow Tie DIY

Hello Folks…
Yeah yeah yeah… I’m so sorry for not posting anything in this blog… I know that there’s no valid reason for that because in the first place, I should have not created a blog if I can’t commit to it. My Fault, hope you will still support this site even though I can’t promise to update it more often but I will really try my hardest…

I’ve been busy helping my aunt in her business and in my spare time, I just watch Ftv. Ooooh I also read pocket books and my favorite now is Lisa Kleypas' “Dreaming of You”, I really can’t help myself reading it and my eye bags are indescribable because of this book… I am not fun of reading, actually I always just start reading pocket books but don’t finish ‘em but I was very surprised ‘bout the book for I’d rather not sleep than not finish it. Maybe because I really love romance and tearjerker stories and I have to admit that this book suits those genres.

While watching Ftv, I saw one of  my favorite bloggers DoinaCiobanu only to realize that I haven’t blog for a while that is why I am updating it now, just now. LOL! I also realized that there are tons of Winter collections that is why I want to show to you what I would wear if only Phillipines have winter season, so don’t laugh why I’m wearing this kind of jacket.

Hope you will really like it if not love it.
Love & Peace!