Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Burberry collection for Fall-Winter 2012/2013

Bags, gloves, hats, umbrellas ... everything has become disrupted and to gain a foothold into the collection. Tacks, animal forms, organic prints and leather were the main protagonists of this section, as we shall see, have no waste.

We start with the umbrella, a collection of them quite large and varied that it is remarkable the ebony handle them all and finish in the form of animal heads.

On the other hand, metal studs and wall have been the great revelation in the collection, appearing not only in gloves and in purses but even the handles of umbrellas have joined this trend. A vision very Versace’s world of leather goods.

If we continue with the gloves, we see that they too have joined the trend of the tacks, leather work but with these metal wall to distinguish a bit ...

... Or prefer a job in point, more colorful and play with some of the looks of the collection.

The handbag collection is quite varied as well. From tote bags to play with the colored block, crafted in suede, nappa leather or a very autumnal color choice ...

... That is repeated in the Doctor bags of the collection also finished in leather handles and area closures.

You can also find leather portfolios with gold fixtures ideal for office now, which also joined the trend of the studs to give more originality to the whole.

In general, a view quite modern supplements for treatment of Burberry, with breaths of fresh air that could leave you perplexed and a study of shapes, colors and textures in a few months you will see the result surely .

Love & Peace!