Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zoe Campos

Hello Folks!!!
It's been a while. I have promised for several times that I will make myself busy blogging but it seems that I can't keep that promise for long. Anyways, for now I have posted not related to Fashion, Art, Music & Entertainment (FAME). So sorry for that. I am just so happy to see in pictures our one and only Princess. Yes, you heard me right, I have three siblings and only now my mum gave birth to the third one and at last, it's already a girl. 

I haven't seen her yet in person but hopefully I will soon (fingers crossed). It seems that I am already a young dad to her since our age-gap is 21 years, (me=21yo, Z=1month) actually I'm old enough compare to my mum's early age of becoming a mother. She gave birth to me at the age of 19. LOL

It's so obvious that I am so excited to touch Zoe but my youngest brother Rencie seems to be more anxious. I don't know why he really loves babies unlike me. Honestly, I hate babies and toddlers except if it comes from my bloodline because I have no choice but to love 'em. haha... Anyways, I think both R & Z are lucky for they are already Greek Citizens. I just really hope that the economic problem of Greece will be resolved soon, well it is for the better future of my two siblings too.

So what do you think about Zoe? She and Rencie will be the future co-owner of this site but I still have about 8 years to go before R can use this blogggggggg....

Thanks for dropping by peeps!
I will post a look tomorrow, so stay updated.