Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friends Forever!

Sweater: AMBIG
Shirt: D&G

These are the photos from last Saturday night, only now I get the chance to share it with you guys. ;)
 We went to Lantaka Hotel to have dinner and chill. We really have to catch-up things since we haven't seen each other about 2months or more. We really had a great time talking senseless issues about our lives. My friends are probably one of the most special people in my life. I feel happy when I'm with them. The three gals namely Chelsea, Rawna & Ihra are my bestfriends and we call our group REFRESH (please don't ask why). I really love these people and I hope we will still be in touch until our hair turns gray.

Moving on, I chose to wear colors brown, gray and black to have the retro effect which I've been sporting for years. haha... I would really want to thank Adam Gallagher and AMBIG for the beautiful sweater which I won last time from A's blog. I really love it for it is so comfortable and appealing. I will surely purchase something in that store soon. I recommend you guys to buy something there and I'll guarantee you that every item is worth every penny you'll spend. Visit them here the items that you'll gonna purchase will be delivered in your house in just four days or less here in Philipppines since they are located in California. So what are you waiting for, buy now!!!!

Love & Peace!!!