Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pastel + Denim + † † † † † †

Shoes, Denim Jacket, Shirt, Shorts: VINTAGE

Today, I just spent my entire day at home. It is summer here and as always it is hot in this country but it is hotter now than the usual. I am always on the go with this outfit but even though it is so warm outside, sometimes it also rains which is kinda weird that is why my denim jacket is also ready. I really love this jacket especially when I customized it a 'lil and oh, I am so surprised to know that denim jackets are so in for the Summer 2012 collection where in Paul Smith , Mugler ,  D&G, Calvin Klein ,  DSquare 2 , Jean Paul Gaultier and many more just introduced in the recent fashion shows. Well, I always thought that I am so fashion forward to the point that I don't need to research a lot to know the latest trends. hahaha... but I still have to ;)
I also love this summer get-up of mine where in I used pastel colors, spikes bracelet and safety pins which makes it extra-ordinary.  I am glad to say that most of my outfits here are vintage, well I have to use vintage stuffs whenever I'm home for practicality.

Thanks to my nine year-old brotha for taking my photos. You can be a professional photographer someday and I'm gonna support you all the way no matter what it takes <3

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