Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Shirt: ehkä söpö
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger (DIY)

While my friends are enjoying their night swimming last monday, April 23rd, I was just at home watching tv. I really wanted to join them but when they informed me, I already have plans for the day and I can't make any changes and I thought going there isn't the right thing to do since my x-friend or should I say enemy is also with them. Okay enough with the drama!

My little cousins and brother were my companion all day. We went to a kiddie party and I act as their stylist and babysitter. haha! I wore the outfit above and to be honest, I am proud of it since it is so hard to wear that kind of outfit, I mean just the pants. LOL! I tore my pants the night before the party which is really I never intended to. I just open my closet and realized that I never wore my Tommy pants ever since I bought it and I really hate it's style! wait!!!! On the first place, why did I buy it? hahahha never mind... I was out of my mind realizing that I just cut my pants bwahahaha evil laugh!

When I arrived at the party, as expected people are staring at me. Well I guess my pants are really making a statement. Good thing I was wearing underpants or else they'll be in heart attack. LOL! Honestly it is so difficult to pull this up especially that you will be anxious of what people are saying, so most probably your self-confidence will collapse. But hey! I chose to wear it and I should own it. I was just trying my best not to care 'bout them and I want to make a change baby. I want to make all the fashionistas come out and show what they've got!

Actually I got inspired by the very popular current trend which is the ripped pants. So what do you think guys, is it a POP or FLOP?