Monday, March 5, 2012

The Artist


A little busy with some stuffs that most of you will not care.haha anyways I am seeking for some fashion related jobs since I am trying my luck in the industry. I am really trying my hardest in it and if it's God's will, I have no choice but to engage with it for the rest of my life. I am really in great confusion whether to pursue my dreams or to follow what my parents desires me to be. It is really hard to decide and I am praying that this thing will be clear really soon.

The photos above are sort of inspired by "the artist". I haven't watched yet the movie 'coz I fell asleep when I was about to watch it. Well, I congratulate all the people from that movie even though my favorite "the help" just got only an award. The movie is really a work of art, I guess, that is why I thought of doing a look that will also fit or connect with that film. I thought of a look that wilreminisce the old days. When I was a kid, I used to see my uncles and even my grandpas wearing very short shorts and black and pastecolors. So, there you have it. I hope You like it, but honestly I don't like it that much. haha

Before ending this post, I want to thank you all my dear readers. I haven't posted something for a while but the statistics of this blog keeps on rising. A million thanks everyone from the deepest of my heart ;)

Hope you enjoy