Sunday, September 2, 2012


MOSIMO Striped red shirt
TOPMAN Trouser & Shoes
ROMWE Ring, Glasses & Pocket Watch Pendant

Hey Peeps! Howdy?
Sorry for the title, believe me I'm so harmless and gentle. Anyway, in my last blog-post, I have mentioned that my bff Chelsea Catingub passed the Nursing Licensure Board Exam (NLE) and so she hosted a little gathering exclusive for her family, relatives and friends. Though I am very close with her and her family, I only know very few of her other friends/classmates and relatives. So I awe big to Ate Rowanne who was with me in the photo above for she accompany me the whole night or just maybe when my two bffs needed to entertain their other colleagues.

Well, I was very happy with my outfit choice. It really speaks a lot of myself and I am so glad that people loved it. I heard people compliment my outfit during the night and the day after. Though I have sported this kind of look for many times already, I'm still of great joy that there are folks who like it and got inspired (an over-statement, I guess).

Personally, I really like all the romwe stuff that I bought. The ring is super unique in a very good way; the glasses are just so complementing when worn, it really emphasize your nose and makes you look cool; and lastly the pocket watch is super cute especially that it has an Eiffel tower on it and it gives me a vibe of being in ancient years, though this is a lil' expensive compare to the ring and glasses but believe me guys, romwe is worth every penny but their shipping really sucks, it took them about 30days. WTF! So if you need the items really soon, don't choose the free shipping babe ;)

Love & Peace