Monday, August 27, 2012



ZARA Bad-boy Shirt, Boots, Trouser
H&M Denim Polo Shirt
G.H. Rosary & Bracelet

Hey Babes! Been busy for a while. I had a little vacation with my besties but now I'm home and have plenty of time to share with you some of my looks. Well, maybe the photos above are quite simple looking which I rarely post. It may look so simple but I thought it is amazing. I just thought of stepping back and not to be overdressed every time I step outside of the house. It is not that I'll be dressing up this simple for always but just for a while to make a little fresh and different impression with the people I mingle and also to those who often stare at me.

Please do hype this look on and feel free to leave comments about what you think of this OOTD.
& Hey! Before I forget, My Best Friend Chelsea Catingub passed the Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE), If you wanna greet her congratulations, feel free to visit her site: CHELSEACATINGUB.COM I'm so proud of you bes!

Until next time!
LoVe & PeaCe,