Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Inspiration

This is my top favorite photo of the month. It wowed and grabbed my attention the first time I saw this. Such an artistic way of sending message and selling product, epic indeed.

I'm a 90's baby and I have to say boy bands have been a great influence in my persona even though I was just a kid back then, I believe that they have influenced me in so many ways. I don't think this group photo is a music band but they remind me of my favorite 90's bands.

Bow-ties have been a favorite accessory of mine for quite some time and I think it will still be for this month to complete the preppy looks that I totally adore.

Again, the photo reminds me of being in the 90's and the so popular class A+ brand Versace. So stylish and brave. Two thumbs-up.

My greatest frustration in life is to be a model. Well, I'm not that tall but I totally adore the models especially the international ones. They are so brave to wear anything in fashion shows and sometimes, even though they are not comfortable of what they're wearing, they still look amazing!

The thing that captures my attention in this photo is the model's hairstyle and the jumper. Well I have tons of sweater already but I want this one for it is so unique and I have no item in my closet that has brick prints, hopefully I'll get one this month.

Chace Crawford is one of my favorite actors. I have to say that he has to still grow huge and have plenty of rooms for improvement but nonetheless he is a fantastic model and the camera loves him.

Edgy teen girl looks are really attractive in my eyesight now and they wow me big time when I see them still sexy with all those black garments including spikes @_@

So vintage look but so artistic. Something I would really want to have a photograph like.

Well this Latina Actress always impress me whether she's in a magazine or on tv. She is such a great creation of God. She is not just perfect physically but she is as well very talented.

I'm a huge fan of people who sports this kind of look. It is so simple yet so hard to pull off. I have to say that I can't pull this off but I'm still a fan. I love and adore the tattoos and want to have one but so afraid of pain, maybe someday if pain to me will be pleasure.

Reminds me of my favorite male model but this model can also have the career of his own, obviously he has the potential. I love the poses of teen models of today, so refreshing and fun.

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies and this photo reminds me of it. I love the whole look and the place is so wonderful.

The clothes are designer's but what catches my eyes was the photograph itself <3 br="br">

Well my dream company and maybe it will only happen in my dreams. Dior is one of the most dreamed companies of fashionistas! L-O-V-E!

Finally, The two inspirational lookbookers that I adore. Olivia Harrison who is so in love with black garments but still looks so chic. I love what she was wearing in that photo. I am a fan of the MOSCHINO belt and I have to say that it really helped complete the look. Another thing that I love about Olivia is how brave she is in terms of wearing black stuff without looking like she's going to a funeral. Really talented indeed.

Another lookbooker that captivated my attention is Clément Lasserre who is a 17 year old french guy. I thought he has a very great eye for fashion and he is so model like type of guy. I love what he was wearing in the photo especially the tank top which I think rarely used by the male lookbookers. The tank top of his is so unique and definitely a must have. What I like about this guy is that he is not a snob, he actually accepted me as a friend in fb besides his achievements in fashion industry, he is definite making a name.

So what do you think guys?
Tell me your thoughts!
'till some other time.

Love & Peace!