Saturday, June 2, 2012


Tear-jerker movies will always be my favorite genre of films. As many people are saying, I am really a depressing person and I remember my classmates call me Mr. depression. These past few days, I am just at home downloading old theme movies or literally old films that will really make my heart tear apart, well that's aside from watching 90210 since I haven't watched that series for a long time. I have watched tons of emotional roller-coaster movies but I guess I should have more rooms for my collection. These are some of my new favorites that I've watched just recently.

This movie is so sweet and very touching especially when Macaulay died (ooops! SPOILER ALERT) but I supposed you already watched this since Macaulay is so popular until he became a drug addict. ;)

I think girls should watch this film since the fashion here is so inspiring and the story is also great. It will make your heart melt especially in the ending :'(

I think this is a very interesting film. At first I thought I made a mistake in choosing this since there seems to have a horror effect but it was just an art of the director to make an exciting part. Overall this is really touching and it made me cry a lot at the end.

I love films that are somehow related to World War II. I think it is so dramatic and makes people understand how awful our ancestors have gone through. Of course you can expect great acting from this film since Meryl Streep's the star and you will truly enjoy this since it is in NY.

I think French movies are really fabulous and very artistic. This film is so cute and makes me watch again and again, though I don't think this will make you cry but this will surely make you fall in love.

Prayer's for Bobby will always be my favorite gay themed movie but I should rate this one as my second favorite gay-dramatic themed film since this also picture out the real adventure of life of homosexuals. What I  also like about this is that it's full of beautiful people.

I've always been a fan of Micheal Fassbender and I love all his films but I think this is really a masterpiece and one of his best performances. I enjoyed this movie especially that it makes me wonder what their problem really is and I think it is somehow related to psychology which is the course I've graduated. If you are planning to watch this film, make sure you are of legal age and alone in the room because it is about addiction to sex.

This is indeed my favorite movie of Leonardo DiCaprio. A very interesting true to life based film that will never bore you. The flavor is for everyone; adventurous, funny and dramatic movie that will capture everyone's heart. This will definitely go to my favorite lists and you should watch this even just once, well I already watched it a million times.

Nicholas Sparks never seems to disappoint his readers and so the director of this film. I can't believe I only watched this movie just recently and I think this is way better than "The Notebook". Sorry to the "The Notebook" fans but I really am touched by this film and to those who haven't watched this yet, you better be the judge.

Aside from the story, one of my criteria in the movie that I truly appreciate is the costume/fashion/style. I would say that among the  movies listed above or even all the movies that I've watched before, this is my most favorite. Look at the outfits that the kids are wearing, those are the outfits that I'm dreaming of and if given the chance, I will definitely live in those times and have fun with those gorgeous clothes. This film really shocked me and made me think very deep and depressed me. You might think at first that this is kinda boring but it is really not considering that it is connected to World War II and it focuses on an 8 year-old boy. This may not tear your eyes at the first part, middle part or even near the ending but the ending itself will make your eyes burst with tears more than any movie will. This is a must see movie and I think this should've been the winner in 2008 if the Slumdog Millionaire didn't make an intriguing thing about lacking of funds and other stuff.

If you watched any movie listed about, tell me what you think about it!
& tell me your favorite tear-jerker movies that I might not have watched yet.

Till next time folks.