Thursday, May 24, 2012


hello dear readers. Yesterday, I watched American Idol Season 11 Finals and I thought it was one of the best finals' nights in the history of AI until the announcement of the result. NO! I was just kidding. Well Phillip Phillips  is really deserving but Jessica is more deserving for me. Somehow I already knew that Jessica will not win for:

1. Phil is a young handsome masculine white guy and voters love that kind of contestant.
2. Phil has really improved a lot and obviously he won in the last battle where they sang their debut song.
3. Jessica is a Filipino-Mexican and there will always be discrimination.
4. Randy said that Jessica can sing the PHONEBOOK wherein he also mentioned to Adam Lambert(Runner-up) & David Archuleta(Runner-up). LOL
5. There is already bright career awaiting for Jessica and even before the finals producers are offering her contracts already so, people gave Phil the chance to have the same opportunity to him.

I think these are the top reasons. Although I got myself drunk because of the result, I am still happy because two of my favorites of the season are in the finals. My favorites are Colton Dixon, Deandre Brackensick, Phillip Phillips and of course Jessica Sanchez. Among the girl contestants, I only love J and my guy first favorite is really Colton. hehe...

About the outfit, I chose those colors because I want to support the Filipino community. Well, this was the day where I am proud of my nationality and it is really rare for me to have that kind of feeling. Sorry for that

Anyways, if you don't know yet, my blog's name's derived from my family name CAMPOS for camp while the FAME stands for Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment but if you haven't noticed, I did not post anything yet about Music so, I got inspired by AI and now I have posted a video of  myself singing.I was really not ready in this video and I din't prepare myself to this so I think this is a major disaster. I am not a good singer and this first video might be my last video.hahaha... so tell me watcha think guys and please be honest as possible.

'Till next time!
Love & Peace!