Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Boy in a Preschool outfit

Hello Folks. I have just updated my account with this outfit which I got from an online store. I really love the shoes I bought in two colors. Which one do you like more? Well, whatever it is, the point is they're both beautiful, aren't they? This look of mine is very simple which is kinda schoolboy attire from preschool.  I have been dreaming of wearing something like this for quite some time ever since I watched "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" where in the main character wears retro preschool outfit which is way too gorgeous than what I'm wearing, but at least I've tried ;)

Anyway, I am so excited for next week, my newly nursing grad friends are done with their board exam therefore, we will be able to hang-out more often. I have heard that we will be having a fun poker game and mahjong which makes me more excited for I am good at gambling especially in those games.

I have tons of outfit photos in my laptop which only needs to be resize, so stay tuned guys. Have a happy sunday and don't forget to hype the look.

Before I forget, my gal-friend Rawna Maitland just started her blog. Feel free to visit her site and let's support her, she is nice and sweet so don't be ashamed of befriending her. Click here to direct in her page ;) 

Love & Peace!