Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp of Cock-Cake!

 Shirt: D&G
Vest: Topman
Shorts: Zara
 Shoes: Topman

Hey Guys, It's been a long time since I blogged and I hate it. >.<
The photos above was taken a few weeks ago when me and my friends; Rawna & Ihra had a fun overnight at Ihra's crib. I was so excited at that time even though I kinda feel feverish because it has been a million years since I talked to Ihra. But I was disappointed to know that after the get together, we have to be parted right away for she is living to Metro for work.

I really missed the fun my friends and I had during college which is why I made a special cake before going to Ihra's. I am not an expert in baking but I really tried my best to make it look good and taste great and I think I did not disappoint them for they are really eating my cake until an idea pops-up in our mind. That topic was so hilarious, we thought of making a bakery since I already know how to bake and the name of the bakery is "Camp of Cock Cake". And we should locate it in front of a church wherein an impersonator of Lady Gaga will be present in the opening and the posters should be a photo of the true Lady Gaga who is eating our special COCK-CAKE while the Lady Gaga haters are rallying in front of the store. Isn't that controversial? OK! Enough for Lady Gaga, it's becoming so obvious that I'm a big fan of hers. We were also planning to take a photo of our customers during their fun-eating time.  finally, the funniest thing is our MENU where will be putting COCK-SIZE, CUT or UNCUT, HARD or NOT, SAFE and UNSAFE, ETC. hahahahaha.... Please excuse us for we are just green minded people who thinks a lot of those stuff when we are together.

I have nothing to say much about my outfit for it speaks for itself. I just hope you like it. mean while, enjoy the video of Lucy Schwartz singing I Want The Sky (LIVE) which is my current Favorite Song!
'Till Next Time Folks.
Love & Peace!