Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rock a Vote!

| Shorts: IZOD | Shirt: OASAP | Shoes: ZARA | Shades: RAY-BAN |

Last Monday, May 13 was an election day for us and to vote who we think suits for the available positions and be the leader for the next three years in the country and it's cities. It was a non working holiday so I was able to vote as well but unfortunately the people who I thought perfect for the specific positions were not able to win, well at least most of my candidates. I really don't know what happened but it's not just me but a lot of people are very surprised with the voting results. If you are in the Philippines, well you probably know what I am talking about for the issue is very viral in twitter and facebook. 

Anyway, the photos above was the outfit I wore that day. I just took the photos in my room after voting for they strictly disallowed people from taking photographs in the voting area.. tssk... And people are saying it's because they don't want their anomalies to be exposed. hahaha... Nonetheless I so love my look that they. I just like how I ensemble it and I thought i t was great which is why I find it hard to not post the other photos. LOL

Hope you like it guys as  much as I did.
'till next!
Love & Peace!