Saturday, May 18, 2013


Yesterday, after going shopping with my cousin, I went to my friend/workmate/colleague "Rossy White", that's not her real name but I love calling her that for it somehow close to her real name but sounds so much better. Moving on, little do I know that our plan should have been cancelled (long story) but since I was already there, I just decided to join her and our other workmate to the studio and support her all the way to the mini search that our company is hosting. I was supposed to be the photographer of her but our bosses seems like not trusting me for some matter. haha... During the shoot, while the photographer take photos of her, I also do the same way as he does and surprisingly, my photos are a bit better than his. No kidding but Rossy and I saw some better pictures than the photographer of the studio. Anyway, after the shoot, I also took a photo of me for my post. I wasn't prepared for my outfit that time, well at least for me for I chose my outfit that time hurriedly. Now you know my total outfit look when I am given just a few minutes to choose from my closet. hahaha...

That's for now Peeps!
What do you think of my look? Well I hope you like it at least...
'till next!
Love & Peace!