Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cali Guy

I'm not a California Guy but I'd love to... I am a Phil Guy  and I mean by a Cali Guy is that I love drinking Cali Soda with a little alcohol... tsssk at least not a hard liquor right for it is bad to our health and we are precious people like diamonds... bwahahha... sorry for that stupid humor. Just tryin' to make you lovelies laugh. 

As you can notice, I was at my bed room again. It's just that it became my favorite shooting spot since the last shoot in the place. I just love how it complements me and also I don't get anxious of people staring at me because there's none. Anyway, I chose this kind of outfit because it brings out my simple self and the LA vibe if yah know what I mean.

Okay! nothing much to say.
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'till next!
Love & Peace!