Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shine Bright Like a ♦♢♦


This could possibly my most number of photos in just a post. Well, I just want to share with you guys the little gathering we had during the special day of my little brother. Oh! I can't believe that my youngest favorite brother just turned 10 last April 11. He is such a blessing to us for he is an obedient adorable kid we could ever ask for. We really love him, especially me. Actually I'm like a father to him knowing our age gap is so huge.

Enough of the dramas, please do enjoy the photos peeps!

 Zalora: Shirt          Zara: Skinny J.          Romwe: Shoes & Glasses         Bestfriend's present: Sequins Cap

I so love my outfit here folks. I love how it's simplicity yet stylish effect. I felt so comfortable wearing 'em. Though I always feel comfortable wearing my clothes but this time the comfortability I felt was very different from my previous outfits but I still love wearing my other clothes still. Maybe I'm just used to be uncomfortable to the point it becomes comfortable to me (if you know what I mean)... Well my favorite fashion quote is: "Fashion knows not of comfort, all that matters is the face you show the world".

Hope you all like it if not loved...