Saturday, April 27, 2013

Photo Diary Part 1


Hello Friends!
Honestly I'm so stressed this week. My sched is so hectic. I am busy at work and during my rest day, I have to do my other job and guess what, I'm taking photos on birthday parties which is why I'm having many photos with balloons ;) and during my spare time, I'm doing editing to make the photo quality more pleasing to the eyes. Busy right? Actually I'm not having much time for myself and I rarely have the space for shopping. tsssk But I'm really working my ass off for this blog so please please please have a little patience for not updating often. One thing is for sure, I'll be sharing more fun photos soon with you guys so I hope you still follow this blog. Lastly, about the photos above, the photo of me with the balloons are from a kiddy party where I was the photographer while the karaoke photos are from my bestfriend's house Chelsea who I think really misses me because I don't visit her more often than before. hahaha... We had these mini party to make-up all the time we spent away. LOL

Hope you enjoyed it beautiful peeps!
'till next...
Love & Peace!