Friday, April 12, 2013

Gotta Love Street Punk Style


The moment spikes and studs became a fashion trend, I become so addicted to it. I collected tons of stuff with studs and spikes, from bracelets to rings to cap to sweats and now, I got a new spike shoes. I have to say that this probably now one of my favorite shoes. I  so love everything that had added with studs and spikes and what I like about 'em the most is that it makes the look so punk but at the same time, you can still look clean and chic.

Honestly, I believe that fashion people are quite histrionic in a very good way. I myself seeks for attention and wants to stand-out among the crowd but I never attempted yet of making scandalous acts to get it, all I wanted is to be recognized by my fashion sense and to know that I should be confident of myself. I thought that one of the best  accessories that will make us all stand-out are studs & spikes for these are eye-catcher items even in dark places.

Go for Street Style!
Pls. don't forget to HYPE folks.
'Till next time.

Love always,