Monday, January 28, 2013

Spike Cap Giveaway Winner

I'm deeply sorry for this very late announcement of the winner of Spike Cap Giveaway. As much as I would like to announce it early, I was so busy to do so and after work, I am always exhausted to the point that my body leads me to sleep whenever I lay myself to bed in just a second. Hope y'all understand especially the ones who emailed me about the giveaway announcement.
To the winner of this giveaway, please do enjoy the item and I hope you will love it.
Thanks to everyone who participated the contest. I really do appreciate all the effort and it means a lot to me. To make it all up to all of you, I will be giving away SUNGLASSES and there will be THREE WINNERS. And I promise, the winners will be announced on time. So stay tuned. The Giveaway will start tomorrow.