Monday, March 25, 2013

The baDman returns part 1

I couldn't think of a word / words that will suit for an explanation of how greatly sorry I am for abandoning this blog for quite a long time now. I won't make any excuses and promises here starting this very moment. Some of you have noticed that I often state on this blog that I will update more often but this promise is always been broken. The only thing that I can assure you folks especially to my friends and loyal blog readers is that I will post regularly and more interesting happenings of my life, my passion and everything that makes you guys and I birds of the same feather. (neither a promise nor meant to be broken)

For now, as my come back, please do enjoy some of my photos that kept me busy and happy at some point. These photos are very significant to me because I won't only be able to share and show you about me and my oldest bff's but also my new found friends as well who are now part of my life and my well-being.