Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rebel Prep

 DIY Shorts
ROMWE Cap & Accessories
F21 Socks
ZARA Top Basic

Hello Folks! I really don't know how to apologize to all of you for not blogging for quite a long time. I'm seriously busy with my job which I have started just a few weeks ago and I do hope that you will all understand because I am still in my adjustment period. Please don't ask me about my work for it is out of the world from my passion which everyone knows what, but just like what Anne Hathaway said in "The Devil wears Prada", it is the work that pays the rent but for me it pays my wants. Who knows I might also end up loving it.

Anyways to start the year on this blog, please enjoy the photos above which was taken at the Ateneo Fiesta. For some who doesn't know about it, it is a celebration of the school named Ateneo de Zamboanga University which is held every year and I am part of it for it is my Alma Matter for about four years. On the other hand, I chose to wear almost all my spiked accessories and paired it with the clothes that I'm fond of wearing. I thought the look is best described as the combination of Rebel and Preppy styles and the thing that I like about it is that being rebel looking and preppy looking are the two styles that I won't get tired of sporting and I'm so glad that combing the two is also possible and actually looks good together.

Happy New Year Everyone.
Just to keep you all excited, I will be hosting another giveaway that you all will surely love.
I will start it very SOON!

Love & Peace!