Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Levi's PANTS
Guess? TOP

I really feel the need to apologize to my lovely blog and to the readers that I kept hanging. I've been busy for a while because 1st, my grand-pap was hospitalized again and his eyes was operated. 2nd, my cousin is turning ONE this 22nd and my aunt gave me tasks to make the party perfect and I couldn't resist. 3rd, I am just lazy to blog on what's happening in my life and maybe because my best-friends aren't around for they have plans of their own but now, they are back and we will be having photo-shoot really soon so watch out for that guys and I promise in the name of Jesus that I will blog really frequent especially now that this blog is already PR-2 considering that I've just moved the domain a month ago.

Well, as you can see, I am carrying my cute baby cousin and she's not crying even though she just woke-up because usually she doesn't like to be with me after sleep. Anyway, I love the outfit that I was wearing in the photos above. The colours are really simple and classy but I gave it a touch of being stylish by just pairing it with my new favorite bag. This is one of my favorite OOTD and I hope that you like it too peeps.

'Till next time!
LoVe & PeaCe...