Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Comeback! #Dubai

Hey Peeps!
Actually, I really don't know how to explain myself for not posting anything here for more than 6 months but I will still try my very best.

First of all, this site is all about my personal fashion style so when posting, I have to make sure that I showcase a really good inspirational Outfit Of The Day or OOTD. To be able to do so, I have to shop clothes more often and/or spend a lot of time to do Do It Yourself outfits or DIY. But sadly, I can't do these duties for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I'm already based right now in Dubai, UAE. Before I get here, I have to sacrifice this blogging passion of mine. I have to budget myself which hindered me not to shop unnecessary items, though I think that clothes are basic necessities but I can't afford to have too much for now and sacrifice the more important ones. On the other side which is being fashionable can be affordable by just doing some DIY, well I don't have much time to do so because for the past 6 months, I was really focused on myself. I prepared myself to be emotionally, mentally and physically ready because my journey will not be  as easy as before. I endeavor myself and I am so grateful to God because it all has been paid off, I am taking another great step of my life.

But hey! in my 6 months of being away, I have learned so many things such as giving importance to TIME. As what we often say, "Time is precious" so, we should use our time wisely and make it worth spending. I was lazy since forever but I am now a changed person. I regret for all the time I have wasted but now, I will make sure that I'll be very productive as possible. I am focused as lazer, which is why I will update this blog more often than before and what's great about it, as you follow my journey, you will also see the beauty of UAE and the life of Filipinos here as well.

Photos above are taken at "Mall Of the Emirates".
Thanks for dropping by folks.
Hope you have a great day!

Love & Peace!