Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Walking Dead + Romwe

Cardigan | Forever21
Tank top | Topman
Shoes | Pierre Cardin
 Cap-Tights-Glasses-Collar-accessories | Romwe
Shorts-Bag | Vintage
Hey guys. It's been a while since my last post. Been a bit busy transferring my old site to this new one. if you haven't noticed, my domain name is already (WWW.JMARKCAMPOS.COM). And I am a bit upset for I can't recover my old blog comments or maybe I just don't know how to. But I have moved on, I accepted it already and  am just hoping that many will comment here and on my future blog posts for it means a lot to me and it really makes me happy reading 'em.
Anyway, my best friend and I went to a park a few days ago and took these shots while people there kept on staring at us. haha "who cares"! When the package from romwe arrived, I really can't help myself from being so excited wearing the items. I love that shopping site, they have really gorgeous and unique items. I have longed to have a skeleton tights and now, I just want to wear it again and again. haha... It makes my look really fashion forward and I love being like that, it's just who I am. hahaha...

Hope you like it folks as much as I did.
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Love & Peace!