Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cuz I'm cool like that **POLKA**

 Howdy Folks?
I'm just wondering if you guys are busy for I am very busy with my life plans. I'm currently back to school, yes you heard me right. I'm officially a working student! I'm taking my masters in psychology. Though I really want to take a fashion course, I have no choice for there isn't a course for fashion and arts in the city. But taking masters is a very good thing for me, I am able to challenge myself through balancing my time, being more responsible and most especially, be hard-working than I have ever been in my life. This serves as my practice in case my plan to join the fashion industry full-time in the future will be fulfilled.

Enough with my life-plans for now, moving on with my outfit. I have tried of many different outfits already but I never worn a polka yet. As you can see above, I have already and I never thought that I will like it. I have paired my polka top with a detachable collar from ROMWE because the neck cut of the top is  a bit wide, so to cover-up my chest and neck a little, I used it. I also made the look a bit preppy by using striped socks and tangerine oxfords from TOPMAN. Hope you like the whole look guys!

Love & Peace!