Saturday, November 12, 2011

KYSS bar


Me & Chelsea
Me, Rawna & Chelsea

Rawna & Cyril

Captain America, Rawna & Super Man

Rawna & Kat


Cherrie, Oliver, Chelsea & JM

Rawna Maitland

JR, Jona, Rawna, Shane, JM, Kat & Erich

Shane, Rawna, Chelsea & Mark

Chelsea, Shane, Kat & Erich

Makki, Rawna & Makki's friend



Erich, Mark & Cyril

JM & Cherrie

Cyril, Shane & JM
Cyril & Shane

                Last October 27, it was the birthday of one of my bestfriends named Rawna Maitland. But since she went to Zambo to celebrate it with her family, we celebrated it here in manila on the 28th of October, 2011. I should say that the party was great and we had a lot of fun even though I spilled my drink on my clothes.
               I can say that I love this bar though it is not a place where to find dates and meet new people, I still love it because I had good memories here. I will never forget this moment when we party and had fun with no limits. Lastly, this is so memorable to me because my friends "REFRESH" is complete. <3