Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cable Car

Another chillin' place that we often go is Cable Car. This bar is different from other bars for it is kinda like a Texas bar wherein people plays beer pong tournament. I haven't tried yet this game but I will if there's a chance. I think I should practice first before joining the game.
While watching the people playing, a playful girl approached me and asked me to challenge them. I was shocked because I never thought that this bar would be a place to meet new friends but I answered her back "hell yes".
Unfortunately, we were not able to play with them because the tournament is still going on. And so we just talked a little and I was surprised that my new found friend "Kat" is with her boyfriend Sherwin who is the owner of the bar. They are so friendly and nice and we will go back here once in a while especially because of how they treat us.