Sunday, December 15, 2013

Victorian / Dickens

Dressing Like the Dickens: 
Edie Campbell Riffs on Oliver Twist

Model Edie Campbell and a ragtag cast of characters riff on Oliver Twist to tell the story of this season’s disheveled splendor.

Oh God! I am so loving every look in these pictures. I love the story and the pieces and the poses too. If you do not know, I have been longing to have looks like this and I will really be glad if I will have even a single photograph similar to those above. Edie's clothes are to die for and I would really wear one any of those no matter what other people think or say of me. I don't give a shit and to think, I have several clothes in my wardrobe that is really similar to the campaign such as pairs of blazers and trousers.

Obviously I have the love for Victorian or Dickens style.
So what do you think guys,
Yay or Nay?