Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Look #42

Hey Peeps!
First of all, I want you to know how I really miss blogging. I wanted to blog as often as possible but I can't. I've been very busy with my job and some sidelines I am engaged with. Well, I have to make some money to support my needs and wants even though the things that keeps me busy are not related with my passion. hehe... Anyways, I got inspired by films that involves traveling like "Up in the air" which is why I have decided to sport a look that will make me look like a tourist who just arrived from the destination. hahaha... I thought the look is quite cool and it kinda suit with the weird weather in the city, ones it's sunny and suddenly it will rain. Just take the jacket when you feel warm and wear it again when the rain comes ;)

Hope you like it guys as much as I do.
Please don't forget to Hype!
Love & Peace.