Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two year old girl in China ran over by two vans and ignored

             Last October 17, I was watching TV all night long until seeing a news about a 2 year old child who got hit by a car and what is so shocking is that she got hit not just once but twice by the first car but wait, another car also hit her. Yes, it is so traumatic for her and for all the people who watched this video. But the most traumatic and saddest part is when 18 people have passed her through, stared and ignored her instead of helping and rushing her to the hospital.

            I really can't believe this has happened and I can't help my tears fall from my eyes whenever I think about it. I really feel sorry for the parents of the child even though I believe that they are also responsible for what happened to their baby girl.

           After how many days, people around the world are commenting about the incident and what is shocking about it is that they are saying that similar incidents has already happened in other countries including America. You heard it right! It is very stupid to know that people nowadays do not have conscience and so pathetic to the point that they will just watch you die. Let's say for instance, you are dying in a public place but nobody is rescuing you, that is harsh right? But we have to admit that it is not imposible at all. So guys, please please please...... don't ever do what those idiots did.

      Please pray for the soul of that baby girl Wang Yue!